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How to buy property in Croatia
Buying real estate is a process that requires great commitment assuming knowledge of legal procedures and the negotiation process. Before buying an apartment or house is most important to check the documentation that will be required for the acquisition of property and meet all legal provisions after signing the sales contract.

From the collection of documents, of which the most important deed and building permit if it is a new building, to the signing of the contract may take up to several weeks. With the help of real estate agents it is simple to obtain all the necessary documentation for the property and advice on bank loans to help finance, ensuring the conclusion of the preliminary contract and solving capers, ensure just signing the sales contract and, ultimately, registering property, and paying taxes on real estate.

Buying real estate to foreign citizens
With Croatian citizens property in Croatia may be bought by foreign nationals with a few differences:

- Residents of the European Union since 2009, according to the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, may acquire real estate in the same way as Croatian citizens with certain restrictions for agricultural land and buildings of national importance.

- Foreign nationals outside the EU can buy real estate in Croatia under the principle of reciprocity, which means that the property can be acquired nationals of the State in which Croatian nationals can also buy real estate. After signing the sales contract foreign citizens must obtain approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice.

- Foreign nationals can buy property if you have a registered company in Croatia, and of course buying a property

Taxation in Croatia
According to the real estate transfer tax, the acquirer is obliged to pay property taxes on real estate at the rate of 4% on the basis of the market value of the property at the time the tax liability.

The taxpayer is required to report its tax liability Tax Administration office in the area where the property is located within 30 days, and determined the amount of tax to pay within 15 days of the decision on tax assessment.

Acquisition of newly built real estate is taxed according to the Law on Value Added Tax, a newly built estate is considered to be those that were built after the commencement of this Act.

Real estate transfer tax is not paid by citizens, who, under a contract of sale gain first property which provided housing under several conditions, which will best meet the agent who will lead the sales process. Agency Simic home you in the buying familiar with all items of law and provide you with a simple process of paying taxes.

Property Maintenance

If you own the property in which you are staying at times, you can hire a real estate agent that will help you maintain your property. In collaboration with its partners will provide you with supervision and care of the property, whether it's on administrative tasks, small repairs or cleaning and insurance.

Jobs can include a tour of the property, control wiring, space radiation and watering plants, retrieve mail and bills, cleaning the property, horticulture arrangement if it comes to home, login damage insurer, rental real estate and more.

If you need for these services, contact Simic Dom agency and they will recommend a partner with whom you can collaborate.