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Agricultural land for sale Vis island

ID: 1772-1
    Agricultural plot , sale
    27.000,00 € 204.887,77 kn
    Total area: 9.054,00 m²
    City Area
    2,98 €
    Total area
    9.054,00 m²

    We mediate in the sale of agricultural land, in the nature untouched property covered with different herbs and trees. The plot has nice shape with a total area of 9054 sqm, access road for car to the plot. Ownership valid.


    The island of Vis is the farthest and most vulnerable Croatian island, 45 km far from the mainland, belonging to the Mediterranean climate type with hot summer. The temperatures are in the summer months above 24°C and in the winter above 6°C. With the rest of the world it is connected via the ferry port of Split, and the route to Vis takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes.

    The island of Vis, as well as its settlements, have an extremely interesting history. The first settlement on the island under name Issa was founded by Greek colonists from Sicily from Siracusa, in the 4th century BC. Ancient Issa has developed into the urban and economic center of this part of the Adriatic.

    Natural beauty of the island of Vis, and at the same time the most visited tourist destinations include the Modra cave on the nearby island of Bisevo, Monk Seal Cave, The island of Brusnik, Stiniva Bay, The island of Palagruža.

    Other attractions to visit are the remains of the ancient town of Issa, the archaeological museum of the city of Vis, underground tunnels and bunkers, and for a little relaxation there is also a summer outdoor cinema.

    Vis is densely rejuvenated on roads, macadam and pedestrian paths, so there is no inaccessible part on it. For this reason, many many are atracted to walks and excursions into the field, over the hills and valleys. The highest point of the island is Hum.

    Swimming on Vis is an unforgettable experience, primarily due to the purity of the sea. One of the most beautiful beaches of Vis and its surroundings is the town beach Prirovo, Grandovac, Zaglav, Stiniva and others.

    Vis island

    The island of Vis is a protruded island in the Adriatic Sea, located 45 kilometers from the coast and inhabited since the prehistoric period. Two places on the island are Vis and Komiza, in the interior settlements Podselje Marine Earth Podšpilje, woman head have developed, Podhumlje and Podstrazje, and on the southeast of the island is village of Milna, Brgujac and Rukavac.

    Throughout history Vis has developed fishing and viticulture. With a Mediterranean climate and loneliness at the sea, today the population is engaged in tourist activities. With natural beauty, interesting history and rich cuisine, Vis sends the right invitation to purchase real estate or land.


    On the island of Vis, you can see a large number of attractions, from the remains of the ancient city of Issa, over a wide variety of religious buildings such as churches and monasteries, fortresses from different war eras, underground tunnels and bunkers to the city's architecture from the neo-Classical and Art Nouveau. In addition to architectural and building solutions, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the windy island.


    As one of the most beautiful bays on the Adriatic coast the narrow Stiniva is highlighted. The bay is surrounded on both sides by stone walls that are impassable, and the pebble beach in the cove can be reached by demanding trail. For all that have an adventurous spirit, this bay will be the right choice and will provide a unique experience.

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