Solin is a town in central Dalmatia, located northeast of Split and surrounded by mountains Kozjakand Mosor. Solin has been building its history since the 3rd century BC when a Greek colony called it Salona. Today is the 21st city by population in Croatia, which owes the influx of population due to the development of the cement industry.

With the production of cement, Solin is marked by shipyard Viktor Lenac, Adriatic brewery, beverage bottler of Coca-Cola, factory of auto parts and sailing AD Plastik. Given its proximity to the city of Split, in Solin area are situated many businesses and shopping centers so the search for the real estate and construction sites is common.


Interesting walls with towers, a forum with temples, cemeteries and amphitheater are just some of the sights you can see and they mark the Roman period. In addition, a number of religious buildings, and prominent church Šuplja, old church and the coronation church of Sts. Peter and Moses.


In Jadro River, which flows through the town of Solin, lives an endemic species of Adriatic trout, known as 'Solinka'. Besides interesting trout, the river is also Madonna's island where they discovered many foundings of the early Croatian period and which is marked by the arrival of Pope John Paul II in 1998.